Spirotrac V Incentive & Startup Issue

A potential issue has arisen with Vitalograph Spirotrac 5.0 Software (SPV) where, depending on the Operating System (OS), OS version and language, the incentives will not run, nor the application start up.

We have traced the root cause to the Adobe Flash player plugin used to run the incentives. During 2020, Vitalograph became aware that Adobe announced withdrawal of support for the Flash Player from the end of 2020. Vitalograph redesigned their software application to use a different generic HTML graphic plugin.

What was not readily apparent was that Adobe had written code in some flash player upgrades to prevent it from running media from Jan 12th 2021 onwards. Also, not readily visible was Microsoft’s intention to include an optional feature to uninstall Adobe Flash Player in some OS upgrades from Q1 2021 onwards. The first problem prevents the incentives from running and the second prevents SPV from starting.

Withdrawal of support for a software product happens occasionally but the older product is usually allowed to expire over time in the installed base. The abrupt removal of the widespread installed base of such a product preventing other applications from running is unprecedented and is leaving many manufacturers with considerable issues.

The solution to the problem is to install an upgraded version of SPV. Vitalograph are offering a free upgrade to the latest version in the language of choice, with many additional features. There is no loss of data and the process is relatively straightforward.

To download the latest version for your language please Register here. Once you have registered you will be directed to a download and Instruction page.

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