Why Vitalograph

Heritage and Expertise

Heritage & Expertise

Vitalograph have been supplying specialist devices for occupational health surveillance for over 50 years. Back in the early 1960s Vitalograph was commissioned by the Medical Research Council Pneumoconiosis Panel to develop the world’s first portable spirometer to screen coal miners for ‘Black Lung’. The result was the ‘Vitalograph’, a portable device which, for many healthcare professionals, rapidly became synonymous with spirometry. Today, Vitalograph continues to serve the occupational health community with a wide range of innovative and high performing devices for occupational health professions including 12-lead ECG, spirometers, respiratory monitors and screeners and emergency resuscitation equipment.

A Powerful, Flexible Software Workstation

Spirotrac® software running on your network, with the database on a SQL server, allows on-site and off-site data collection. Spirotrac integrates high quality spirometry, pulse oximetry, 12-lead ECG, audiometry, COPD assessment, blood pressure measurement, challenge testing and more, in a simple, expandable solution. It can also be used for filing remotely gathered records such as workplace exposure records, on-site records of OH assessments or pre-employment questionnaires.

Vitalograph Products

Customized Software Solutions

COMPACT Workstation

The COMPACT Medical Workstation is designed to be plugged into your network, either wired or wireless. It can have its own database or directly access the network SQL database. Any number can be added to your network including PCs running Spirotrac Software. The COMPACT is a self-contained, robust and portable system which can merge all data gathered while offline.

Connectivity with Leading Occupational Health Software Systems

Our PC based Spirotrac Software and our COMPACT Desktop Workstation are designed to interface seamlessly with leading occupational health software systems. Our systems utilise data exchange formats that conform to recognised standards, including GDT, HL7, XML.

Global Study and Experience
Working with Vitalograph to ensure their world leading Spirotrac Software works intuitively with our market leading OH softwares, eOPAS and OPAS, has been a simple process. This provides both sets of clients with efficient and economical procedures that truly deliver tangible results. On completing a test the results are simply imported into the software, at the touch of a button, and all of the data can then be accessed and reported on easily and efficiently. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Personal Service

Customised Reporting

Spirotrac and COMPACT have a powerful built-in report generator with which the user can change any aspect of their reports and generate a wide range of report templates. Vitalograph also provide a service to customize reports for users, for a modest fee or if the customization is extensive a higher but still modest fee. Some customizations are trivial and can be done over the telephone with the Spirotrac support engineer driving the customer’s Spirotrac using team Viewer, in which case there may be no charge.

Tailored Solutions

The powerful built in report generator featured in Spirotrac and COMPACT can be used to change any aspect of a report and generate a wide range of report templates. Vitalograph also provide a reasonably priced report customisation service.

International Influence

Personal Service

Group Purchasing

Benefit from economies of scale and improved service standards by using the same cardio-respiratory devices and software across your organisation.

  • Efficiencies across sites through the use of common hardware and software
  • Lower prices
  • Phased purchasing, as your current spirometers become due for replacement
  • Global service agreements
  • Global technical support
  • Extended equipment warranties including software upgrades

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