Vitalograph Vitalink


Vitalograph's commitment to supporting the delivery of accurate, fast and simple spirometry within primary care was the driving force behind the development of the Vitalograph Vitalink Practice Management Connectivity System.

This highly practical system provides the busy general practice with an automatic two-way interface between Vitalograph Spirotrac and emis or SystmOne. Such connectivity creates a number of benefits including:

  • Ease of use - Spirometry is carried out as normal, all spirometry related data is administrated automatically via the interface between Spirotrac and emis or SystmOne.
  • Accuracy - Automatic data transfer prevents transcription errors and ensures that test data is attached to the correct subject with the correct read codes.
  • Accessibility - Spirometry test results are held within emis or SystmOne as a consultation, not as an attachment. Subject demographics are also easily accessed through the automatic population of Spirotrac from emis or SystmOne.
  • Convenience - less time and effort is required for the efficient administration of spirometry data. Administration of QOF points is also made easier, the user simply selects the read codes to be automatically transferred from Spirotrac to emis or SystmOne.

"Vitalink makes the administration of spirometry data within primary care much faster and simpler, as well as more accurate", says Vitalograph Sales & Marketing Manager, Bob Bemister.