COVID-19 Virus Statement

30 March 2020

As the impact of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus situation increases globally, we are continuing to monitor the situation and minimize the disruption to Vitalograph, our customers and patients.

Vitalograph’s manufacturing site is based in Ireland, but as a multinational company with a complex supply chain, we source a few parts in China and some of our sub-suppliers logistics chains also lead back to China. As of last week, we are experiencing full restoration of Chinese production and no delays in shipments from China. We are experiencing slight, 2-3 days delays in incoming logistics from other parts of the world and we expect these to continue.

As a global company, we have warehouses in multiple countries holding adequate levels of stock to meet current customer needs. We also have a wide range of products allowing a supply of alternative items should short term stock issues arise. We are seeing a manageable slowing of 2-3 days on outgoing logistics in Europe due to increased border restrictions. We are not experiencing any logistical issues within North America to date, but do anticipate some in the near future.

This week there have been further travel restrictions and ‘stay-at-home’ measures imposed across Europe and the US. We were prepared for this and have adjusted our working practices accordingly with employees who can work remotely doing so and those that cannot have been dispersed physically and temporally to avoid social contact. We have not experienced any appreciable drop in productivity in any of our business units and have been able to react positively to the increased demand for our products. We practice a robust Business Continuity Process (BCP) process, aligned to ISO 22301, tested regularly at all sites.

Our Company Mission is “To improve patient lives through supporting our customers and partners by designing and manufacturing market leading products and services”. This is a mission we take very seriously and our employees live and breathe it on a daily basis. Due to the respiratory effects of COVID-19 we are doubling our efforts to ensure we can fulfill our mission and help those in most need at this time.


Frank Keane Signature

Frank Keane CEO