COVID-19 Virus Statement

Message from our CEO Frank Keane

Due to the ongoing global impact of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus situation, we continue to monitor the effect this may have on our business worldwide.

Vitalograph’s manufacturing site is based in Ireland and has experienced little or no disruption to output during the pandemic. Like most global companies, some of our constituent components are sourced in the Far-East and whilst there was some supply disruption in early 2020, this has since stabilized, and we are currently not experiencing any supply chain issues.

As a global company, we have warehouses in multiple countries holding adequate levels of stock to meet current, and anticipated, customer needs. We also have a wide range of products allowing a supply of alternative items should short term stock issues arise. We are seeing an ongoing manageable slowing of 1-2 days on outgoing logistics in Europe.

Recently, further travel restrictions have been imposed across Europe and we expect further measures to be imposed in North and South America. We are prepared for this and our ongoing Business Continuity Plan (BCP) measures, invoked at all sites in the middle of February, include remote working, staggered breaks and dispersed workforce. We practice a robust BCP process, aligned to ISO 22301, tested regularly at all sites. None of our sites has had to close to date.

We welcome the recent news of successful vaccine trials, and wish those companies developing vaccines well in their efforts but are mindful of the unprecedented manufacturing and logistical challenges remaining before these vaccines are widely available. We will continue to practice our mitigation measures until such time as the Covid-19 threat has greatly receded.

Our Company Mission is “To improve patient lives through supporting our customers and partners by designing and manufacturing market leading products and services”. This is a mission we take very seriously, and our employees live and breathe it on a daily basis. Due to the respiratory effects of COVID-19 we are doubling our efforts to ensure we can fulfil our mission and help those in most need at this time.


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Frank Keane CEO

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