British Lung Foundation Taskforce for Lung Health

Task force web news item 2018

The British Lung Foundation Taskforce for Lung Health have released their ‘National Five-Year Plan for Lung Health’. The plan focusses on improving the nation’s lung health and provide better care for people with lung disease whilst also improving early and accurate diagnosis of respiratory disease. The taskforce includes experts in lung health including patients, health care professionals and academics whose collective vision is to, “create a society where everyone can live with healthy lungs for as long as possible and have the best chance of living well, or recovering, when lung disease develops.

Key highlights & recommendations include:

  • Ensuring widespread availability of support services to those who wish to quit smoking, in hospitals and in the community, as well as training for health care professionals to offer advice on smoking cessation.
  • Clear pathway of services to accurately diagnose people with breathlessness and other respiratory symptoms in a timely manner for all patients.
  • Need to develop a single, consistent guideline to diagnose and manage asthma.
  • Need for a National lung cancer screening programme, targeting people at risk of COPD including those with Asthma and smokers.
  • Regular review of respiratory patients’ use of medication, particularly inhalers for asthma and COPD.
  • Upskilling healthcare professionals working with respiratory patients on inhaler use and technique, to ensure patients take their medication correctly.
  • Personalised care and support plan for people with a lung disease.
  • Improved access to pulmonary rehabilitation, with more support groups for patients, their families and their carers.
  • Training for health care professionals to advise on basic end of life care.

The report is supported by the PCRS who “support the call for achievement in basic standards of diagnosis and management where general practice and community practice is so important".

Further information and Task Force’s plan can be found on the Task Force for Lung Health’s website

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