Update - Vitalograph Brexit Statement

5th January 2021

Vitalograph welcomes the UK/EU agreement reached on the 24th December last as it provides certainty and security of supply moving forward. We feel there is a strong willingness to make this new situation work amongst our customers, suppliers and regulators.

Vitalograph maintained their Brexit contingency planning initiative during the negotiation period, directed by our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) group to identify, address and mitigate potential risks to continuity of the supply of products and services.

The following actions have been taken to mitigate the impact of Brexit:

  • A full review & over-stocking in our UK and German warehouses to counteract any shipping delays.
  • EORI registration in place to mitigate custom’s issues with import/export between EU and UK sites.
  • Transfer of notified body from the British Standards Institution (BSI) UK to BSI NL to ensure validity of CE registration post Brexit has been completed.
  • We are working with the MHRA to register Vitalograph under the new regulatory regime.
  • We are working with our customs agents and logistics partners to ensure we have all necessary arrangements in place to meet trading arrangements. This includes reviewing alternative shipping routes where necessary.
  • We have worked with suppliers to ensure they have the necessary arrangements in place to avoid supply issues and stocks are in place to counteract any shipping delays.

Please note that Vitalograph has business operations located in multiple, diverse countries with critical suppliers multi-sourced from different geographies.

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